12 Pinterest Ads Strategies and Best Practices

Warning Signs You Are Wasting Time and Energy in Your Social Media Marketing

We’ve all been there. Someone told us we needed t have our business promoted in social media, so we opened up Facebook and Twitter accounts and started posting stuff. But then, we discovered the awful truth.

How to Find Your Customers on Instagram

So how do YOU find customers on Instagram? Here’s how: YOUR BIO: Take a good look at your business and what YOU offer, then make sure your Bio is relevant to your business. And be specific. For example if you’re a Real Estate Agent, tell people WHAT you do and WHERE you do it! Many Instagram Bio’s miss this point. Some Bio’s may say; ABC Realtor selling multi million dollar homes. That’s pretty broad don’t you think? Where exactly does this realtor sell these multi million dollar homes? A better Bio would read like this; John Smith – Realtor in Miami Florida broker of Multi Million dollar properties. Now a prospective new follower will read this and know What this person does and Where he or she does it. Now your one step closer to finding a new targeted follower.

Twitter Trolls Beware! The Sleeping Giant May Be Rising

The word “Troll” is defined in the Urban Dictionary 256 times. Generally speaking, an Internet Troll is a member of an Internet forum who continually harangues and harasses others. One who posts a deliberately provocative message (generally attacking another person) with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.

Maximize Your Social Media ROI

The experts say that like all marketing campaigns, what and how you communicate through social media must appropriately reflect your brand and appeal to current and prospective clients. To achieve the desired return on investment, it is imperative to deliver the right message to the right sites. To accomplish that, you must know the customer. Who hires you and what type of social media might they trust and follow?

How To: Embed and Create Social Sharing in Volusion Templates

As a small business owner, do you wonder about those social media icons on websites? Do you want those same icons on your website? Read on about how to embed social media on a Volusion Storefront.

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