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Writing For Social Media

The following article uncovers the special skill of writing for social media to promote, build and brand business. It teaches business owners to recognize the difference between simply writing versus writing well and the difference between writing well versus writing well AND strategically. The article discusses engaging the audience of customers and potential customers using content, specifically written for social media.

Amazing Social Media Facts, Statistics and Figures for 2013

Social media has been the talk of the town in the last 3 years but the first quarter of 2013 has passed and we are seeing varied trends in choices of people this year. Facebook and Twitter have become necessities for all to connect whether it is for entertainment or to be abreast about what’s happening around the world. Technology is driving us today to be connected with all 24/7. Any topic we want knowledge on today is just a Google away and we want to make a presence for ourselves or our work on YouTube just works right for all of us. Pinterest and Instagram are new kids on the block that are making waves in 2013. Here are some Amazing Social Media Facts, Statistics and Figures for 2013.

Bacon, Not Stirred – And Other Real-Time Strokes of Genius

Real-time marketing is proving to be the hot button of 2013. But how do you hit a real-time home run? Here are 3 examples of brands – besides Oreo – who knocked it out of the park!

Points to Consider With Social Media Marketing

Small businesses are often overlooked by the bigger marketing companies because we don’t have the budget for their services. So we as entrepreneurs get enterprising and in most cases do it ourselves. The one challenge with that is that unless you have some experience with social media and web based marketing, you could be spending a lot of time and effort focusing on the wrong social platforms.

How to Create, Market and Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags have become one of the hottest social media trends in use today. But are you using them in the most effective manner? If you’re not sure, continue reading to find out.

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