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Social Media for Real Estate Agents: 3 Sites You Should Be On!

Social media is one of the most powerful Internet marketing strategies that real estate agents ignore. Below you can read more about three social media platforms that realtors should be using as part of a more complete Internet marketing strategy.

Introduction to Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization ( SMO ), also called Social Marketing Optimization, refers to the method of optimizing your web site so it can be easily found on Social Media Networks. This type of optimization is done with the intent to attract more visitors to your web site.

Getting an Edge on Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm

Facebook brand page managers have noticed a change for the worse in the last couple of months. Their brand page reach – the number of followers that are seeing their posts – has decreased. This is because there has been a tightening in the Facebook algorithm EdgeRank. EdgeRank determines what appears in the newsfeeds of your followers on Facebook. A recent change in EdgeRank is why your reach dropped. For example, 12 weeks ago if you made a brand page post and noticed that by the end of the day that “100 people saw this post”, a similar post today would likely read “20 people saw this post”. The drop has been quite dramatic. In this article I discuss the determining factors of EdgeRank and how your brand can adapt to ensure that your reach on Facebook not only returns to form but becomes better as you move forward in the future:

Enhance Marketing Efficiency With the Help of SMO Services

SMO is basically a method in which your website content is shared on different social media network and as a result your site receives more hits. Social media is considered as the home to the largest web user community, since more and more people are joining the different social networking sites.

How To Share Your Brand On Social Media Sites

They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but when you think about it, it is worth a lot more than that when you consider what a picture means when it comes to social media trends. Sometimes the picture needs no words on sites like Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook and Twitter. A well placed picture speaks endless volumes for a business owner who wants to communicate his social message. Pictures are not only popular because social media sites make them out to be like that, they are popular because they are much easier to share than a long write up. Marketing is all about communicating the message of the company, and by using images, it has never been easier!

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