Facebook Ads 2021: ADVANCED Strategies for Beginners (Step-by-Step)

How To Integrate A Social Media Marketing Plan With Your Article Marketing Strategy

Learn how important it is to integrate your social media marketing strategies with your article marketing strategies to boost your exposure and gain trust with your readers. Using this will bring more brand awareness, more reader’s and keep them coming back for more.

3 Easy Ways to Get More Facebook and Twitter Shares

Google “how to get more social media shares,” and you’ll see countless articles with an endless list of tips. I want to focus on three – visuals, hashtags, and message length. I’ll explain what they are and how using them can get you more social media shares. They’re very simple and you can use them immediately.

How to Create a Twitter Campaign

Twitter needs no introduction – we all know that together with Facebook it’s the social network that attracts most brands and marketers. Twitter can help your brand in many ways, but it’s an especially effective social media tool for building a large group of followers and driving quality traffic to your website or blog, when used properly, that is. Like all social media, Twitter requires that you invest time and effort into connecting with others.

How to Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

Facebook is a very powerful tool if you’re promoting a business with global reach. It can be a huge challenge, however to use the platform in marketing a local business because of the limited area you are serving.

How to Succeed in Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest, being a visual-oriented social networking platform, makes an effective marketing tool. Whether you are offering products or services, it is one platform worth using to gain traffic to your website and attract potential customers.

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