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Tips On How To Optimize Your Social Media Sites

Millions of people are on social media sites; therefore, it’s suicidal to ignore these sites for your SEO campaign. Studies from expert SEOs have shown that the algorithms for social media sites aren’t as developed as those of Google; therefore, you can easily rank high if you do the right things. To guide you, here are tips on how to optimize your social media sites:

The Weight of Emotional Intelligence in Social Media Marketing

Emotional intelligence is not new. It has been a concept (and a reality) for a very long time. However, the only difference now is that it has a new name. That happens quite often with concepts as well as other, more tangible things. Maybe people just get tired of using the same names so switching it up makes it seem as though that particular thing is new again.

A Crash Course to Market Your Business on Social Media

Social media refers to communication platforms on the Internet, which function on user-generated content. What this means is that these platforms are created and used with the intention of sharing information about products, places, trends, news and much more with the world.

The Right Social Media for Your Business

Now that you are aware of the different types of social media, you can make an informed decision when you choose a platform for your business. It can do wonders for your marketing. But, how do you decide on the right one?

Is Our Language Being Botched By Laziness and Social Media Addiction?

Not long ago, I was discussing with a group of writers, good ones — no not me, everyone else in the group — about how our language was being hijacked and pummeled into submission by folks who quite frankly don’t care, mostly due to the age of the Internet. Now then, I doubt anyone reading this will disagree, but let me take a counterview for a moment and then let’s reconsider this issue in about 3 minutes, about the time it takes to read this article if you still have the attention span these days.

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