Facebook Ads Tricks & Strategies in 10 Minutes – Mistakes to AVOID!

Marketing Strategy to Improve Social Media Presence

Social media is a medium for people to connect with each other. Read the strategy to improve presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

4 Reasons Why Twitter Is Crucial for Business

Does your company use Twitter as a marketing tool? Even if you are not an active Twitter user, chances are that many of your potential and current clients are subscribers. In discussing the importance of incorporating social media into your marketing plan, I’ve found that some clients are not sure if it is relevant for their businesses.

20 Women In Business To Follow on Twitter

Twitter is my absolute FAVORITE social media platform. Its a great platform to connect with the right people to fit your business needs. Since most small businesses have a very small marketing budget, it is an innovative way to leverage your products or services.

Instagram Comes Up With Landscape Mode for the Users

In a bid to woo the millions of users who were constantly bugging Instagram for their square image and video style, the famous photo sharing service provider has come up with a new landscape layout for the users in order to allow them to take pictures in a whole new way.

The Laws Of Social Media Marketing: Are You In The Know?

Content and social media marketing – a delicious recipe for success, as long as it’s handled correctly. This means you need some insight on how to get started or revamp your current process. There’s a certain etiquette that comes along with social media marketing.

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