Facebook Advertising: Audience Targeting on Facebook

The Top 13 Most Influential Social Media Experts To Follow

Becoming an acclaimed expert in your field can boost your career and work wonders for your business. According to Dorie Clark, adjunct professor of Marketing at Duke University, “Becoming a recognised expert is the ultimate form of career security”. The social media terrain is a major contributor to the world of digital and marketing expertise.

Social Media Management Explained

Social media marketing is a crucial component of any successful digital marketing strategy, and has literally changed the way in which we communicate. This powerful set of marketing tools now only allows businesses big or small to engage with their customers, but also with new audiences in an effort to increase brand exposure and generate leads. These channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube offer unmatched opportunities that go way beyond a conventional website, and help you stay a few notches ahead of the competition.

How The Top 5 Social Media Sites Can Help Grow Your Business

Powerful breakthroughs, outstanding revelations and jaw-breaking facts. Discover some previously unknown insider secrets behind the rise and rise of the top 5 social media sites, and how you can use these to grow your business or take it to the next level.

Social Media: Can Social Media Cause People To Objectify Themselves?

While human beings can be objectified by others, they can also be objectified by themselves. What this means is that someone can feel as though they are being taken advantage of by others and it is the outside world that is victimising them, or they can take advantage of themselves, and they are then the perpetrators.

Tips for Advertising Through Social Media for Your Small Business

When you own and run a small business, you know that advertising is key. But for many just starting out, it is difficult to put money aside in your budget to do so. That is why advertising through social media can be extremely beneficial: if you do it right, it’s free. No matter what social media platform you choose to use (though I recommend trying several to find the right fit), here are some tips to help you reach success without spending anything but your time.

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