Facebook Audience Insights: SECRET Facebook Targeting Tool (FULL TUTORIAL)

Social Media Tool: 10 Twitter Practices to Gain Over 1,000 Followers

Like Facebook and other channels, Twitter is an important social media tool for marketers because it helps increase followers, which then increase sales. For this reason, it’s essential to use it in the right way. Below are different ways that you can gain more followers on Twitter: Target influencers with large fan bases Follow and focus on Twitter influencers who have a large, high quality base of followers.

How Content Makes Social Selling Successful

Social selling is important nowadays for your business and effective, compelling content is at the heart of successful social selling. With so much interaction for your business online, it is extremely important that your content does exactly what you need it to do in order to make your business a raging success.

The Many Faces of Social Media

While most of us are only aware of one aspect of social media, which involves connecting with friends and family of social sites like Facebook and Twitter, it would be enlightening to discover just how multifaceted social media really is. There are several aspects that form a part of social communities. Some of the most common facets are explained further.

The Consistency and Fluidity of Branding

It doesn’t matter if your business or organization has been in existence for 100 years; utilizing social media opens you up to an entirely new audience. Branding messages are what drives the conversation on your page. Being consistent is the key.

Marketing Strategy: Staying the Course

Whenever a company hires a social media marketing manager, either internally or through an outside agency, they are entrusting them to promote their brand, image or service to a diverse audience across the wide spectrum of social media platforms; usually given carte blanche when it comes to the content posted. However, are they always keeping the best interests of their employers (or clients) and those of the brand’s fan base in mind?

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