Facebook Business Manager for Agencies Tutorial: Managing Facebook Ads

Is 2014 the Year We Step Away From Facebook?

December in marketing land means predictions, predictions, predictions so there is no way we can get around it, give the people what they crave! So instead of making some huge list of predictions to hedge our bets, we’re just going to make one big one, at least here in this article. Ready? Facebook is done.

The Three Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes of 2013

Making changes for the New Year isn’t just about moving forward, it’s also about looking back on the mistakes we’ve made over the past year so we can avoid them in the future. Whether or not you believe in resolutions or turning over a good leaf, it’s always good practice to separate the past from the future and now seems like as good a time as any to draw that line.

Tips for Responding to Negative Social Media Feedback

It seems to be human nature to be critical. The ease of adding criticism via social media sites means that people will be more inclined to do so. Especially as there is a perceived veil of anonymity in the online world – even though that anonymity is rarely there in practice unless a user has gone to extraordinary lengths to hide their trail.

What Are the Top Social Media Sites for Your Business?

There are lots of different social media sites that you can use but here is a rundown of the top sites together with a brief explanation of which businesses they work best for. Some social media sites are so big that they are near enough essential whereas others are more niched in their approach.

What Makes for a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Like most things in life and in business, having a plan with goals attached to it is often the best place to start. That applies especially to social media as there are so many different possible routes and potential outcomes that you run the risk of running round in circles if you don’t have a strategy.

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