Facebook Conversion API Setup with PixelYourSite (WordPress plugin)

Social Media and Google Analysis

Social Media is an important part of today’s successful online presence. As more companies realize this, they are adding more social media buttons to their blogs and websites. In today’s tech savvy world, those who are successfully managing their social media presence are using programs which allow them to post once and send it to multiple social media sites – saving time and money in the process. As beneficial as this savings is, the question remains – how to determine what, if any, return on investment your social media postings and campaigns are yielding. This article details how to configure a social media widget in Google Analytics. A social media widget will provide you with insight into your social media campaigns and identify which social media sites are driving traffic back to your website. This simple tool will funnel data into Google Analytics so you can determine if your social media campaigns are cost effective

3 Tips for Effortlessly Promoting Your Business On Facebook

Discover the 3 things that you must learn to explode your business. You will learn exactly what you need to be doing on Facebook to increase your business exposure.

Social Media For Business: How To Develop Your Content Strategy

Having a social media content strategy is absolutely necessary in order to progress the growth of you business both online and online. Here are 5 tips to help you get started now.

Following and Followers – The Foundation of Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter is almost useless if you don’t follow people and others don’t follow you. You can watch Twitter Trends and see what people are Tweeting about, but you won’t see anything in your Mentions or Interactions tabs. It’s like not having any friends in real life to hang out with and share your thoughts.

New Social Media Marketing Strategies for Your Arsenal

Those who use social media to promote their business can get help from these 18 marketing strategies developed for this sector: First of all, come up with a plan. Just like in the business world, you must first create a plan before implementing it. The same is true when it comes to social media. You have to create a marketing plan to prepare you for success, and prevent you from committing mistakes.

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