Facebook Marketing Tips for Restaurants from an Insider – Restaurant Marketing Ideas

5 Proven Twitter Marketing Tactics

If you haven’t see one of your tweets shared or favorited in quite some time, something could be broken – your marketing strategy. Although posting a 140-character update seems simple enough, you can never be too creative when it comes to Twitter.

How to Prevent Your Brand From Getting Affected by Fake Followers on Social Media

Innumerable followers on social media will inevitably be a great thing for your online venture. However, there’s a need for ensuring their authenticity. If you are one of those passionate online entrepreneurs, you will surely not wish to get affected by the numerous fake followers on social media platforms. Even the most popular social media channels consider this issue, with huge importance. A statistical reference will help us get a complete lowdown on this issue.

Clever Ways Your Retail Business Can Leverage Social This Holiday Season

This time of year is the big dance for retailers, with holiday shopping officially in full-swing. Larger retailers like Macy’s and Target have been planning their holiday campaigns for months, but even if you’re lagging in your digital marketing planning for the busiest time of year, we have tips for how your retail business can leverage digital this season. FACEBOOK – We mentioned in an earlier blog post this week that Facebook has launched a targeting segment called “holiday shopping season” that “reaches users engaged with holiday planning and retail-related activity.

Tools to Help You Become a Social Media Expert

The social media has taken the world by a storm. There are a lot of opportunities to be explored. What many people have not realized is that the platform also offers lucrative business opportunities which can give high returns. However, you should understand the ropes of the trade before you cast your net.

Social Media Marketing & Automation

Because social media started out as something that only ‘teens took part in, it was purely ‘social’. So some business owners appear to be largely unaware of the impact that social media has now. They generally have no idea how much work it is to cut through all the white noise that’s already in front of their prospective customers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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