Get Subscribers Fast: YouTube Discovery Ads Full Tutorial

2 Reasons to Identify Social Media Goals for Business Success

“Can social media really be of benefit to my business?” is the question many local businesses have asked me at networking events or when I sit down with them to analyze their online marketing strategies. It is a valid one because although social media is often presented as being free, there is a cost in time to consider, and sometimes an actual cost to have someone manage social media for the business.

Steps to Finding Excellent Social Media Marketing Services

The face of web development service is changing. Organizations are always looking for IT solutions to explore business options, lower costs, and increased reach. Sometimes businesses may start a web project and then decide to take it to a company providing digital media services.

Social Tools And Business: A Waste Of Time Or Real Value?

Business owners everywhere are constantly urged to invest in social media marketing, to have social profiles and engage every day. According to We Are Social, in January 2015 there were over two billion active social accounts and over 1.6 billion of these active on mobile. Out of a population over seven billion over three billion are actively engage on the internet- wow!

How to Use Twitter’s Group Messaging

Twitter users have something to rejoice today with the new features rolled out by Twitter recently. One exciting feature is the group messaging that lets users enjoy a private conversation with many people even those who don’t follow them.

How to Add a Call-To-Action Button to a Facebook Page

Called the Call-to-Action button, this new feature is available on Facebook pages and is shown on the Timeline cover photo beside the Like button. Its objective is to encourage followers to take action right from your page.

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