How To ACCURATELY Transcribe YouTube Videos To Text (QUICK & EASY)

How To Use Facebook Fan Pages For Profit

Facebook, the world’s biggest social network, allows businesses and brands to leverage the vast membership through the creation of fan pages. These are unique pages which are different from personal pages in significant ways. Under an account, a user can set up multiple fan pages, one for each product or brand or offer that the business runs.

Facebook’s Latest Advertising Approach

Facebook is one of the largest social media networking sites with around 700 million users. It has become a very popular platform for various advertising purposes in today’s online marketing age which provides more ways to reach out to customers while giving more opportunities to promote a business. The new advertising strategies are going to change this social media service in a more effective way by adding new features like Mobile ads, Offers tool, Reach Generator packages solution and others.

Are Media Releases Worth the Effort?

When it comes to media releases, also known as press releases, there are mixed feelings as to whether or not they are worth the effort. If done right, they can be well worth the effort. However, they can also be a complete waste of time for many people. To assure the greatest result for your efforts there are some essential ingredients to a well-written release. Before I share what they are, let’s start with what a media release is. A media release is an announcement you distribute to various online locations such as directories, your blog, social networks, and forums. Traditionally press releases were “released” to newspapers and radio and TV stations, and you can do that as well. Public service announcements (PSAs) are also submitted as press releases.

Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social Media Marketing refers to promoting a business entity by sharing information about it on the social web. There are lots of ways that you can do this and with each passing day new and more interesting options come up.

Social Media Marketing for Small Business

It is pretty clear that social media has grown tremendously over the past decade or so and that the number of active users has grown to over a hundred million. Its rise has been stellar and currently, a vast number of people are sharing more exclusive and business details online than a few years ago. This growth takes place at a very fast speed as thousands of uploads, tweets and posts occur every few minutes.

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