How to add a background image on our Linkedin profile.

Top SEO Tips: Promote Yourself With Pinterest

Pinterest lets you collect your favourite images, anything ranging from cars to recipes to design inspirations. You can then sort these favourites on image based pin-boards. Users like or re-pin these images, which link back to the website where the image is originally hosted, providing the originator increased traffic. Pinterest is an excellent place for creative professionals to display their portfolios. Read on for some interesting ways to promote yourself and your work.

Social Media Tips: Make Your Twitter Tweets Short And Sweet!

Writing is challenging, while writing less is even more of a challenge. Writing with a limit of 140 characters is the ultimate challenge! Twitter lets us say whatever we want, but in the fewest possible words. When you want people to know who you are, what you offer and have some fun while doing it, 140 characters are suffocating. As part of your social media strategy, this article is an extreme language makeover for all of you struggling with your words on Twitter.

Still Avoiding Social Media? Fear Is No Excuse

There are two big concerns I hear about from small business owners who hesitate to get started with social media. The first is fear of the time commitment, the second is fear of criticism.

The Correct Ways to Use Social Media Marketing

Did you imitate your friends doing online business using social networking with you having no experience in this field? No doubt, you cannot deny that some of these marketers or your friends succeed in this business. In fact, sad to say, majority of them do fail. Building a good foundation which consisting of a sound plan will give you the high possibility to gain success in your online business. Read the tips I have shared it out with you.

How Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

Social sites are the online places where users connect with each other via communities and participate in discussions through various media. These sites initiates a sense of community in its every user. There is a rise in popularity of social media sites as people now want to be heard and connect with more and more around the world.

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