How To Add A Promotion On LinkedIn

What Is StumbleUpon? One Amazing Marketing Tool!

I’m on a few email lists and this article came through today that really brought it home about StumbleUpon. Even as long as it’s been around, people new to marketing still may ask, ‘Well, what is StumbleUpon?’

RebelMouse Initial Review

The number of social media sites that we use continues to grow as the years pass. It wasn’t too long ago that we had no concept of a status update, but now most of us have promoted them from just one part of our Facebook profile to the cornerstone of our Twitter accounts. It seems clear that the social media integration is not complete, as sites like Instagram and Tumblr have become more and more ubiquitous. Indeed, the days of social marketing are just beginning.

2 Tips To Make Money on Facebook

Facebook is a perfect platform for people to market themselves and their business. It can attract much targeted people to your page and content provided they offer value and solutions to their issues. Not using Facebook to market you business is akin to passing a huge opportunity. Would to embrace or pass such an opportunity?

Are Your Social Media Efforts For Your Business Paying Off?

The growth of social media today has not only helped people become socially aware on a personal level, that is being able to establish social relationship with immediate circles but it similarly has taken the people of today in to a whole new level in terms of social and economic awareness. With all these social media sprouting like mushrooms nowadays, people have learned to adapt to the new culture of social media especially in conjunction with business.

4 Ways to Use More Visual Content In Social Media

Visual content is rapidly becoming an integral part of social media. Facebook redesigned its entire layout to incorporate more imagery with the new cover photo and Timeline layout. Social networks like Pinterest and Instagram have exploded in popularity over the last year. Smartphones have upgraded to include a higher-resolution camera to keep up with user preferences.

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