How to add closed captions [CC] on Youtube for Free!

Fake Social Media Followers and Accounts – How to Spot Them

Fake social media followers and profiles are more and more common these days. These are some tips on how to spot fakes and make sure you don’t invest in sales hype.

The 3 Essential Social Media Marketing Tools You Need To Succeed

Succeeding at social media marketing requires a firm understanding of why consumers engage with social networks, as well as the types of data that they like to share. Your prospects don’t typically visit social networks with the intention of spending money… do you?

Pinterest – Just for Jewelry and Kittens?

Pinterest is a social media platform that gets picked on now and again, usually for being centered on interests that appeal to imagined beings who sit in their houses without a lot to do, surrounded by way too many cats. Though Pinterest is continually shrugging off this reputation as being the social media space for others, it is a happening space of creativity that provides undeniable marketing opportunities for business of all sizes.

How to Build Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

With online competition at a fever pitch these days, a botched social media campaign can really set a business back. It’s more important than ever to understand what kind of content your audience wants to consume and what they’re willing to share.

Predicting the Next Big Thing – Facebook As a Pathogen

According to one Princeton professor, social media sites such as Facebook are akin to the pathogens that have plagued humankind, save for one important difference. Facebook, according to Dr..

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