How to add Music, Voiceovers and Text Overlays to TikTok Videos (Easy Tutorial for Beginners!)

New Book Promotes Love As Solution to Life’s Problems

In “The Answer Is Love,” Luis Rojas honestly shares his personal stories about lessons he’s learned the hard way and how love was the solution in every situation. Readers will find answers to some of life’s deepest questions about suffering and life’s purpose and come away with a new commitment to practice love in all areas of their lives.

New Book Demonstrates How We Can Pursue Our Dreams

In “Power Up Your Dreams,” Gloria Carpenter shares the steps needed to succeed at whatever you set your mind upon. She discusses how to remove negative mindsets and the other obstacles that hold us back to create the life we want. She includes empowering stories about herself and her singing career that will help readers willingly step out of their comfort zones to take action to turn their dreams into their reality.

Analysis Of The Studium and the Punctum

This is an analysis of Studium and the punctum as propounded by the Philosopher Roland Barthes. The Studium is the linguistic, cultural, and political meaning of a photograph and he puncum is aesthetic and personal interpretation of the photograph.

Can Prayer Bend the Time?

Prayer is powerful. It brings peace, solutions to the problems and what not? Miracles do happen by praying! Prayer can bend the time. The general idea is that the past influences the present. But modern physics has shown that the time is linked with space. So if by due prayer it may be possible to bend the time. The past may be altered, modified, changed to suit the present situation for one who prays

ARMD – A Comparison Of Modern (Allopathic) and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Age related macular degeneration, aka ARMD or AMD, is a serious age-related condition of the eyes which can result in diminished central vision and is a leading cause of blindness. This condition is related or associated with several modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors which include ageing, female gender, genetics, faulty diet, excessive sun exposure, smoking, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and obesity.

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