How to Boost a Post on LinkedIn

What Social Media Platform Should You Be Using For Your Business?

Choosing the right social media platform. Business owners need to evaluate the best strategies that will work for them in social media. Choosing the right social media platform is one of them. How is a business owner to know? Facebook and LinkedIn may be the business owner’s basic options, but each platform has its own merits.

Are You Boosting Your Home-Based Business With Social Media?

I began my being a business owner through owning my own direct sales / home-based business. Unless I told people where to go buy online directly, no one was coming to my PRW – Personal Retail Website. I had a problem. I was an Online Business with no customers! I quickly needed to learn how to attract customers to my business website and then from there direct them to my business purchasing page. I learned how to boost my sales with social media.

Social Media: A Mine of Business Opportunities

Proactive business organizations recognize the Social Media as a communication platform holding unlimited business potentials. It facilitates instant global reach and infinite web of relationships. Organizations are using this platform for creating brand identity, finding innovation, improving customer relationships and building customer communities for reaping business benefits. Although easy to start with, its terrain is not easy to navigate for the businesses. Any successful implementation calls for thinking about it strategically and moving in a planned way fully equipped for handling the dangers it poses.

How to Handle Customers Who Get Mean on Social Media

It’s an unfortunate truth that there are many people out there who use social media as their personal place to vent about their issues about a company’s services and products. They see the Internet as their own sounding board and often use the platform as a way to launch a full-fledged attack on a company.

The Water Cooler Is Empty – Social Media Has Replaced It

Companies that use social media as a battering ram against employees miss the point. Use social media to open the window into the water cooler talk and rumor mill. It may just save you from bigger problems later.

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