How to Build a Community on YouTube in 2021

Pinpointed Promotion: The Power of Targeted Social Media

When you think about your audience for social media, who comes to mind? If you are tempted to answer, “Everybody!” then we need to talk. Casting a wide net is fine if you’re a fisherman, but when it comes to building a patient base for your dental practice, it can be a whole different story.

Over-Sharing? Avoid Social Media Overload

One of the first rules of building a successful website is to include an easy way for people to share your site and its content with others. In a lot of cases, that means building in social media buttons where, with just a single click, visitors can Tweet, post to Facebook, or share the things they find interesting with their circles on Google+.

The Art of Writing Social Media Content

Companies that don’t quite get the art of writing social media content aren’t reaping much benefit from the social media, and are even ruining their chances of building a good relationship with their audience. There are several don’ts to follow if you want to succeed in writing effective social media content.

Utilizing the Wonderful World of Social Media to Enhance Your Life

Social Media is really what it implies; socializing through the medium of the media. Media is anything that circulates information of any kind locally, nationally or internationally.

Earned, Owned And Paid Media: How They Impact Your Social Media Campaign

Marketers have amplified their techniques to incorporate earned, owned and paid media into the whole marketing mix. Earned media is generally a channel in which the company or organization markets itself through PR campaigns.

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