How to Change Your LinkedIn Featured Images

Social Media Marketing Advice for Small Business Owners: Which Sites Are Right for Your Biz

As the owner of an SEO writing company, one of the services I’m questioned about by clients is social media marketing (SMM). Many clients now “get” this form of online marketing, but they may not know which sites best suit their needs. So what usually happens is they’ll hire a consultant to set up accounts on all of them. This usually isn’t the best strategy by the way. Following are three pieces of advice I dispense to my firm’s small business clients about SMM. If you’re a freelancer and provide social media account management services, trust me, you’ll go a long way towards proving you know your stuff if you advise clients who may be unclear on how to properly “do” this type of web marketing.

Social Networking Consequences – Don’t Be a Victim!

We’ve all seen and heard about the person that got fired for posting a video to YouTube or sending a tweet about something. What can you do to protect yourself when using social networking sites? Read along to find out.

How NGOs Can Effectively Use Visual Content for Heightened Social Media Impact

Pictures tell 1000 words, and who needs to “speak” to people more than nonprofit organizations and NGOs? The global dominance of YouTube, wildly popular Instagram and overnight success of Pinterest have made social media dominated by visual imagery. Since users are more likely to engage with organizations the post multi-media content – including images and videos, even platforms like Facebook and Twitter have taken steps to allow more visual content.

Ways of Promoting Your Business Without Facebook

You can currently still create a Facebook fan page for free but will this feature continue? No one can say for sure but what is definite is that Facebook is slowly but surely changing its algorithm to require brands to pay for reaching their fans. So what if advertising on Facebook is not worth your time and money?

Do You Know Why the Hashtag Can Be Good for Facebook?

You have probably seen the increased use of hashtags on your Facebook News Feed lately and wondered… why? This is something that has typically only been seen on other social networks like Twitter, used to denote trends. But on Facebook they can seem awkward and out of place. They are not clickable and they don’t show you every post that includes that same hashtag.

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