How to Change Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

Building a Fruitful Social Media Presence Is Like Growing a Garden

Building a social media presence is like growing a garden. It takes a plan, tools, addition of nutrients, removal of weeds, fertilizer and dealing with bugs and other garden predators in order to reap a good harvest of fruits, vegetables and/or flowers. And it takes time.

How to Make Friends and Influence People in Social Media Marketing

Using the metaphor of everyday social interactions, here are some common sense strategies for making social media marketing work for your business. It’s Saturday night. You’re going to a dinner party that you’ve been looking forward to all week. But when you turn up, your host barely acknowledges you.

Are You Goofy In Social Media? Bad Habits You Should Avoid

Social media can be a hotbed of flame wars and bad behavior. Are you keeping it clean online, or are you among those who many wish were dead in the “Internet”? Well, here are habits you should avoid in the social media.

Creating an Effective Website Presence

Website presence is mandatory if you want to expand your exposure as an author. It is a cost effective means of increasing your database in generating a following.

How to Host a Successful Facebook Event

At the heart of social media’s success is the relationship. If you don’t connect to others on a human level and find what you have in common on an emotional level, you won’t be able to get anywhere at all. Make sure that your communications are short and to the point. Let people understand how dedicated you are to making the event the best that it can be for everyone.

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