How to Create a Facebook Shop for Small Business

Applying the Risks & Rewards Model in Social Media Marketing

Ever seen a mountaineer climb to the top of the mountain without taking a tumble? Or a young child learn swimming without first gulping in a few liters of water? Seems quite improbable right? We have all heard people say “No Pain, No Gain”. Management gurus around the world expound this theory called Risk-Return Trade-off which says that with increase in risk, the return potential increases.

How You Can Increase Facebook Page Likes: Five Secrets Revealed

This article discusses five basic tricks that can help in improving Facebook page likes. These tips can be helpful for those who want to promote their pages on Facebook.

Professional Twitter Marketing Secrets

With the rapidly developing online marketing platform, social media marketing has gained impetus like never before. Different social media platforms are being used with optimal results. Facebook, for example, is being used even by novice businesses to connect to the target audience with the help of photos, videos and lot more. However, microblogging site Twitter is not quite easy to crack for individuals and businesses. Apart from posting links to the brand’s posts and articles, there is a lot more that you can do through Twitter. Here is a comprehensive guide to 3 professional Twitter marketing strategies that would help your brand reach a larger target audience and create maximum customer engagement.

Manage Social Media Accounts With These 8 Tools

Social media platforms have emerged as the most important marketing strategy for businesses across the world. With constantly changing market trends, multiple social media platforms and limited resources, it is imperative to manage social media accounts effectively to experience success in your business. This calls for using various beneficial tools to achieve this. However, so many tools coupled with myriad features sometimes make it confusing to adapt to the resources. In addition, most of these tools cost ample money, which otherwise can be saved if effective business specific tools are used. Here are 8 must have tools to manage your social media accounts effectively.

What Schools and Nonprofits Should Know About Facebook and Messenger

Every time I check the number of users on Facebook, it increases. The last time I saw it, it was around 1.2 billion active monthly users. As of this article, it’s now over 1.3 billion.

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