How to create a Facebook video ad in Bannersnack

The Importance of Visual Elements in Social Media Marketing

Although many of your readers appreciate and embrace the words that you write and share with them, there are many other people who really do much better if you populate your words with some sort of graphic element as well. The visual aspect of many people – For those people who lean more in the visual direction, they will probably take in the graphic element, process it thoroughly, and embrace and remember it. In fact, the concepts of the visual element in your content will most likely stick with those people much better than your words will.

Are You A LinkedIn Lion?

LIONs, in general, accept invites from anyone, so it’s relatively risk-free to invite a LION into your network. Most LIONs take pride in touting their specific number of connections; it’s similar to the way celebrities compete to have the most Twitter followers. The majority of LIONs believe bigger is better and that large networks lead to more opportunity.

How Important Is Social Media in the Hotel Industry?

Social media is one of the most powerful forces driving the hotel industry today, playing a key role in the consumers travel experience from planning their trip to posting photos, updates and reviews of their vacation. The hotel industry depends heavily on word-of-mouth and the spread of opinions, and social networks provide the ideal platform for this.

SMO Services – Strategy to Engage People With Interactive Content

With the increase in the rate of competition among e-commerce business firms, it has certainly become difficult to attract new customers with normal content. To make sure that online audiences focus or are engaged on a specific website, it’s extremely necessary to consider for an interactive content.

5 Tools To Test The Effectiveness Of Your Social Media Marketing

As an entrepreneur you know that you have to have a social media marketing plan. But how do you know if it’s working for you or not? Here are 5 tools that you can use to check if your social media marketing is working.

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