How To Create A LinkedIn Profile (Optimized For Job Searching)

Social Media Marketing – Is It Worth It?

More and more people are looking for their favorite brands and products on social media. Here are some at some simple ways you can use social media marketing to boost your business.

Five Reasons Facebook ‘Stalking’ Isn’t a Good Idea

NEVER BEFORE have we supposedly known more about our neighbour – whether our neighbour’s literally in our street or on the other side of the planet. Social media has made it possible to publicise even the drabbest details about our lives, but people are apt at promoting a better life than they actually enjoy. (Though there are some who go the opposite way and play the ‘woe is me’ game for their world to see.)

Key Elements of Social Customer Service

This article discusses various aspects of social customer service and how it affects today’s businesses. It also discusses the importance of addressing complaints and answering queries in real-time in order to ensure customer delight and profitability of a business.

Stop Following the Herd on Social Media – The Online Marketing Strategy You Should Be Following

Social media marketing is hot. But it’s also a huge waste of time and resources if your business isn’t doing it correctly. And that’s not to mention the missed opportunities along the way.

The Power of Twitter

Twitter isn’t really that hard. OK, if you’re a complete newbie, it’s always a good idea to get some proper training from a specialist (God help me, don’t go to a Guru!!) who can help identify your target market and how to best get your message across. But the rest is simple. Really, it is!

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