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Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Boost Your Business

Facebook messenger bots are a great way for entrepreneurs to market. Many companies regularly use messenger bots to announce new products and services. Customers can also use this platform to immediately ask questions or get support information. If you have not thought or used this platform, please read the following informative article.

Social Media: A Must for Fashion Startups to Accelerate Success

Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger part in every person’s life. 2.7 billion people (almost 40% of the world’s population) are connected to the Internet. In the developed countries, this percentage goes up to 80%.. Social media started as a powerful communication arena for people and now it is becoming a marketing tool for companies.

10 Effective Ways To Use Hashtags in Social Media Marketing

The world of social Media has brought us into the era of hashtags, where hashtags have become a major source of engagement and attention. Hashtags not only give away the inside meaning of a picture or a tweet, but are also essential when it comes to ranking a post in search results. When starting out on social media, the usage of hashtags might be a little confusing.

Snapchat for Marketing – A B2B Marketer’s Story

“I need another social network for B2B marketing instead of Facebook and LinkedIn” I was thinking. “But I don’t have much time to spend hours and days on any new social network that doesn’t offer me any value,” I said to myself. I was quite uncertain about using Snapchat for business purpose due to the varying opinions from my acquaintance.

Cat Is Out of the Bag – Net Neutrality Should Be Unbiased

Justice and truth should prevail- the neutrality clause must remain unbiased. In the true sense of the word and with all the fairness in the world. Nobody should hijack the truth well told.

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