How To Create a YouTube Channel

Use Social Media to Grow Your Website’s Viewership

Have you ever been interested in social media and how it works to boost a website’s rankings? Here are 5 tips that will help you tremendously in your efforts to effectively implement social media into your online marketing efforts.

Personal Branding – Consistency Is The Key

Why do people care so much about “personal branding” now, and why is there so much discussion about the subject? While reality television has turned ordinary people into publishers, spokespeople and marketers, the truth is that the concept of personal branding has been around for years, and it’s never been more essential, thanks to social media.

9 Social Media Engagement Metrics Every Business Should Know

If you want your business to get the most out of social media, it’s important that you know how to use this medium to engage with people. And while there are some social media engagement best practices you can use to get started, it’s important to continuously measure your efforts and adjust accordingly.

Pinterest Marketing Part 1-How Effective Is Pinterest for Internet Marketing?

With an increasing number of options for buyers, attracting them requires a good product with great marketing. Internet Marketing is seen as heaven for marketing teams of various companies. With almost 40% of the population of the world active on the internet, and with a growth rate of 566% in 2000-2012, the Internet is seen as the best place for marketing. There are a lot of advantages of Internet Marketing over conventional styles. More over, Internet marking is more about visuals than text. It has been confirmed by scientists that a visual or an image attracts a person more than text can. Customers get attracted towards lucrative offers and a higher tendency of action being taken is seen when this offer is shown with a relevant visual. A lot of social networking sites are being used today. Websites like Facebook and twitter are now getting replaced by photo sharing websites like tumblr and Pinterest. These photo sharing websites are gaining more and more popularity.

Rules of Thumb for Social Media

Losing followers on social media is a common occurrence. Losing them in droves because of something you did, is not. Find out how to avoid losing mass amounts of followers with these easy tips.

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