How to create ads on Pinterest

Facebook Marketing Etiquette

You may think the title of this article is totally unnecessary with regard to using Facebook but you would be very much mistaken. If you want to use and succeed with Facebook, as a marketing tool, then etiquette is very important.

Is Twitter For You?

Twitter isn’t for everyone, it has to be said, in fact it’s one of those things that you either love or hate and this fact is often determined by your age group. In this article we will try to persuade you, as a marketer, that Twitter is an essential marketing tool.

Facebook Traffic And You

In this article we are going to have a brief look at one of the ways we can send traffic to your websites using Facebook. We will also briefly cover some of the additional traffic generation models.

Why No Business Should Be MIA On Social Media

Social Media today has exploded, and as a organisation that seeks to be successful, you can just not afford to be absent from it. Social media is not a trend, it’s a reality. This article explains the importance of the basics.

So Many Social Media Playgrounds, On Which Should I Play?

With new social media platforms coming up everyday, businesses need to keep updating their outlook on how to use these platforms. Although, the underlying fact remains that social media reaches beyond borders, be it physical or metaphorical ones, each medium has a certain niche that sets it apart.

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