How To Create Awesome Profile Pictures for Instagram, LinkedIn, FB, & YouTube (Profile Pics Ideas)

Making Money Online Through Social Media

There are several ways to make money online but all of you will agree if I say the most popular is social media. Social media is a powerful platform in promoting your business. It has billions of users that you reach and convert to potential clients. However, because of it’s popularity, competition is a lot tougher. How can you stand out? Here are some useful tips that can help you with social media marketing.

Facebook Custom Apps

All Facebook business pages need to make use of the custom tabs feature. These custom apps are evidenced by little icons situated on the right hand side of your timeline beneath your cover photo Fans can be sent right to your promotions if they click on these handy advertising tools.

Facebook for Financial Services – A Canadian Lesson

Facebook is touted as a great marketing platform for all businesses. But it will only reap dividends if set up and managed carefully, often by using an experienced social media management company. Canadian Financial Services are strong advocates of Facebook marketing and by looking at some of their best Facebook pages, every company can get some tips on how best to use social media.

Making a Success of Social

Know Facebook? Of course you do.

Perception Is Not Reality in World of Social Media

Social media activity by businesses is relatively low. However, they claim that social media is effective, without any actual evidence to back that up.

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