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How to Get More Facebook Likes – Dos and Donts We See All the Time

  How to get those likes on Facebook? Right, so we have been seeing some re-occuring problems with some Facebook Business pages; Heres a quick list of why you may not be getting the action you are after THE GOOD NEWS is these things are very easily remedied and provide for the ‘best-fit’ solutions!   Here goes; 1) Cover page Rules; Facebook specifies that cover pages should be predominantly picture based as opposed to text.

Getting Started With Video For Social Media Marketing

Are you using social media marketing for your small business to reach your local customers? To get your message out in your town or around the world, it all starts with your website and blog.

Social Media Tools – Capabilities, Categories and Warnings

Like any other form of marketing, using social media to sell a product or brand requires targeting, monitoring and follow-up. The sheer volume of data involved can make this daunting, so there are many social media tools to manage the information. However users do need to be aware that they need to interpret the data correctly, otherwise they can misdirect their marketing approach.

The Silent War Within Facebook

There is a war going on within Facebook, as they try to deal with literally millions of fake accounts being created to like pages, websites, and status updates. Who will win the war, and is there going to be a winner and a loser?

Four Great Tactics to Make Social Media Work for You

Social media pages form one of the foundations of inbound marketing — they’re where you can post your valuable content, using a call-to-action to drive visitors to your landing page, where they may become qualified leads. Find out four great tips to put social media to work for your business.

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