How to create Video Discovery Youtube Ads in Google Ads

Are You A Coach or, A Salesman?

Are you a coach? It seems like there can be a very bad stereotype that surrounds the coaches in most parts of the industry. They are perceived as pushy, annoying and even dishonest by many people and just the thought of someone trying to sell something to you can put you under pressure in no time.

Avoiding Social Media Burn-Out

One major hurdle businesses face when starting out with social media and a marketing plan is coming up with great content. In the case of social media, it is coming up with that great content… over and over again. Because of the real-time and always-on nature of the social networks, there’s a lot of pressure for businesses to provide consistently valuable information to their audience, day in and day out.

To Pin or Not to Pin: Questions to Ask Before Adding to Your Boards

It is so easy today to add new images and videos to your Pinterest boards. Most pages on the Web now have the “Pin It!” button so you can quickly share what you find. But if you want to maintain a certain image for your brand, you cannot be pinning everything you see..

Do You Know the Proper Way to Clean Up Your Pinterest Boards?

Pinterest has become a unique marketing tool for businesses. The image-based sharing site allows users to find the things they love online and makes it easy to share them with others. Your own Pinterest boards can say a lot about your business. That is why it is important to make sure that they are fun, fresh and relevant. This will keep your business looking fun, fresh and relevant as well.

How To Use Social Media For Business Marketing!

How to use social media for business marketing effectively is a question most business owners ask themselves nowadays. The growing awareness of the importance of implementing an effective social media strategy to market your business online is a sure message that you need to use social media.

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