How To Edit Videos For LinkedIn | Adding Titles & Subtitles

Asking the Right Questions – Finding the Right Mindset to Connect With the Audience

The goal of a marketing campaign is to connect with the audience. But connecting with them in the right way requires finding the right approach. And without the right questions to lead you to the best answer, you’ll find yourself astray.

How Content Can Go Viral – Straight Into the Stratosphere

The power of sharing makes a difference and Facebook has a lot of influence. If you get the right content posted you can sit back and watch as the post goes viral. The results may surprise you.

ThingLink: Big News for Twitter and Brands

From time to time, I’ll be surfing the net, or reading someone’s blog and I’ll spot a new website, application, development or product and think: now that’s clever. ThingLink is just one of those instances. ThingLink enables users to embed interactive, rich content (for example music, videos and text) into images shared on Twitter.

Content Marketing Important to 3 Different Departments

Social media marketing has benefits for marketing, sales, and customer service departments. Integrate your content marketing practices across these departments for best results.

A Social Media Christmas Wish List

With the holiday shopping season underway, I’m reading in my social feeds that friends are anxiously awaiting the arrival of new tablets and digital readers, new video games and other gadgets guaranteed to cramp their thumbs and strain their eyesight. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind a new eBook reader myself, but I ask continue my work helping clients with social media marketing I find I have a few wish list items that would make my job easier. I probably can’t buy all of them in a store, and I’m not sure all of them exist, but maybe they will in the future.

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