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Social Media Myths Busted

Social media is, of course, big news in the business world. If you’re a business owner or business leader, it’s not surprising if you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything you see, hear and read about how to get ahead with social media. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems, especially if you ignore some of the buzz and hype, and focus on the few things that really make a difference.

Social Media for the Rest of Us

Many marketers feel they are playing catch up in the social media game if they jumped in late or resisted the trend, leaving many business leaders to wonder, “What does a company really need to do and how do you “do” social media effectively?” Answer: You need a plan.

FEMA and Hurricane Sandy – Everyone Within 1000 Miles Has a Story to Tell, Tell Me Yours

Hurricane Sandy came at an inopportune time for political candidates, just days before the 2012 election. The political forces and campaigns “ground game” appeared to be washed out along with any hopes for a joyous Happy Halloween. Even retailers noted that they had far too much Halloween Inventory on them and they were taking a bath on it, some literally as their North Eastern retail shops had been flooded.

Hot And Heavy Marketing: Online Users’ Love Affair With Social Media

If you’re serious about promoting your business and its products, you should definitely implement social marketing. Yet, to do it right, you have to have the right education about the topic. The tips that follow will help you start your journey towards being a social media marketing guru!

Forex Signals Now In Social Sites

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