How To Get A Custom YouTube URL (NEW UPDATE)

When Community Pages Lose Their Focus

Community pages are created to provide a public forum for like minded followers to engage, share and broaden the message of a particular cause, place, organization or idea. For the most part, these pages are successful in achieving their initial goals and mission. However, recently I have come across pages which I have followed for some time that have lost their focus.

Social Media Optimization: The 3 Reasons To Go With It

Social media traded their social role long ago. From a buddy-to-buddy job, they are now an extension of businesses towards clients and their friends.

Social Media – Are You on the Band-Wagon?

Social Media is the way of the present and the way of the future. Although there are negative aspects, getting involved is your ticket to achieving success.

360 Degree Social Media Marketing – The Power of Totality

360 degree marketing is a concept that was introduced long back, but has started leading to tremendous results since the widespread and viral usage of social media websites. We take a look at its various minutiae.

How to Launch a Product Using Social Media

There was a time when companies sought after different media outlets whenever they want to have a product launched. It was costly, too time consuming and ugly. Then boom!

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