How To GET VIEWS On YouTube According To YouTube

Why and How Business Should Be Using Social Media

Social media is impacting the way organisations do business massively. If we just look at some of the changes, they include the movement of: Television to YouTube – Hard copy books to Kindle – CDs to ITunes – Websites to Mobile Technology – Online marketing has increased massively and the starting point for many organisations and individuals right now is to go to the internet to find information that will help them make a decision, validate the credibility of a company or person or…

Social Media Tips For Business

If you are an owner of a business enterprise and you desire to become successful in your business, then you mustn’t deny social media. Instead, you should hold in mind that it is the staircase of your success. Now, if you believe that it is the key to success, and then you must know some tricks.

Twitter Marketing, Pro’s and Con’s

As Twitter continues to increase in popularity, it’s the ideal choice to use as an online marketing tool for virtually anyone who needs and wants to promote their brand or business, but Twitter marketing strategies do come with a few drawbacks as well. Many times, marketing experts fail to see these inadequacies and therefore only focus on the benefits of advertising in Twitter. Here are some pros and cons to determine if using Twitter for business is right for you and your brand.

Facebook and Till Death Do Us Part

Facebook has found a way to bring us back from the dead. At least long enough to buy their products and update our profile pictures and posts.

How to Stay Out of Facebook Jail!

Have you ever heard the comment “My account is in Facebook Jail!” If you haven’t, don’t panic.

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