How to Increase LinkedIn Company Page Followers?

It Takes a Village to Create a Social Media Policy

Because you can’t punish employees for violating rules that don’t officially exist, be pro-active and create a social media policy. But you don’t need to create one from scratch.

How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Online Business in 2015

Facebook is still the biggest and most popular site for interacting and sharing information. What does this mean for you?

Real-World Lessons Learned From Creating a Facebook Page

Facebook has over one billion users, that’s one out of every seven people on the planet. Forty-eight percent of small businesses, some which don’t even have a Website, have created a Facebook page in an attempt to reach them. Joel McKinnon, president of McKinnon Insurance of New Philadelphia, Ohio, has over 2,000 “likes” for his Facebook page.

10 Tips to Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Do you need a social media engagement primer? You keep hearing that it’s important to engage in conversations on social media, but how do you start? Are you struggling to find new and interesting things to say? Many people find striking up a conversation quite difficult. Fear not! Here are 10 tips for conversation starters on social media. You can use them to get your audience conversing and engaged.

Hey Online Entrepreneur – You Keeping’ Up With Those Social Media Trends?

Social media keeps changing and evolving. Mostly for the better. That means you, as an entrepreneur, need to keep on top of the trends, and find a strategy that can move your forward in building your business.

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