How to List My LinkedIn Profile on a Resume : Tech Tips for Social Media

How to Tag a Person in a Google+ Post

Google+, the latest social networking site to hit the web, has been attracting a lot people in recent months – over 62 million users and growing, fast. According to a recent post on Mashable, Google+ had it’s strongest month ever in December 2011, more than doubled it’s traffic in just one month and, according to one analyst, is on track to reach 400 million users by the end of 2012.

Fun Calculators to Gauge Your Social Media Campaign

Social media campaign is very important as of late given the fact that many people are using social media sites in their daily lives. However, it should be noted that running such a campaign is not enough. Rather, you should know how to gauge its success. This way, you will have a guide whether to exert more effort or just to focus on the things that you are currently handling.

The Benefits of Using Social Media to Obtain New Customers

Social media is one of the most popular resources to use in advertising and marketing today. Because it is extremely inexpensive and allows you to reach a wide audience social media marketing can not only help you to obtain many new customers for an online business but can also help you to continue marketing new products to these customers over the social network as well.

How to Use Facebook to Market Your eBook

Are you looking to learn how to use Facebook to market your eBook? If so you are you are not alone. Both leading print authors and budding new independent authors are quickly learning that using Facebook advertising and marketing is a great way to increase sales of their eBooks. We look at a few ways to market your eBooks on Facebook free here, as well discuss how to use Facebook Advertising, in order to increase your eBook sales!

How Can Social Media and SEO Metrics Help You Improve Your Site’s Popularity?

Google is now penalizing sites that resorted to blatant over optimization. The latest updates penalize websites for not just violating Google’s quality guidelines but also for going over the top in optimizing the websites for search engines. Excessive anchor text links, advertisements, footer links and sidebar links can cause your site to be penalized.

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