How to Make a GREAT LinkedIn Profile – To get JOB in 2022 | BEST LinkedIn Tips

What The New Look For Facebook News Feed May Mean To Business

Many brands have been unhappy with the way Facebook Pages show up in fan news feeds. Will the new changes now being rolled out to the look and layout of the news feed help or hurt brand Pages?

Using Social Media Presence To Increase Sales

You need to have a social media presence for public relations and increasing sales. Everybody wants to expand their business and the social media provides another option for doing so.

Social Media Users and Their Allies

Who are the users of social media and who helps them monitor and manage their activities? Read on to find out more about social media users and their allies!

Why More Businesses Should Implement Social Media

Social media is one of the most popular resources for marketing to your target market. Social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook are free tools that allow you to reach targeted traffic. Find out why you should start using social media for your business today.

How Social Media Is Driving Sustainability and Ethics in the Fashion Industry

This article explores how social media is driving change in the fashion industry with regard to both ethics and sustainability. Some of the topics discussed include social activism, democratisation of fashion and sustainable fashion communities.

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