How to Make a Video Intro for YouTube (UPDATED Tutorial!)

How to Join a Community in Google+

Communities group together Google+ users who share the same interests. It’s a place where they can ask specific questions, share comments and content on a particular topic of concern to them. It can be set as public or private.

Restaurants Use ShortStack for Customization

ShortStack is one major item that can help increase a restaurant’s presence on social media sites. With its ability to help create applications and promotions on Facebook and other social medias, ShortStack is sure to help any restaurant.

5 Ways to Boost Reader Response in Social Media

We’re always trying to find ways to maximize our return when it comes to investing time and energy into our business. Social Media has proven to be a great resource to reach audiences and tap into what they really need, want and are interested in. The question is how do we encourage more interaction? When it comes to social media, there is some serious value in encouraging your readers to interact with you. Questions, answers, feedback… pretty much any back-and-forth with your target audience gives you invaluable insight into what they are thinking, what they need and how you can make sure that your business supports them in a way that everyone wins. Here are 5 ways to boost interaction and make a lasting impression on your target audience.

A Technical Approach to Headlines for Social Media

Writing headlines in general and writing headlines for social media channels are, at times, two totally different things. In fact, writing headlines to be shared on social media can be quite challenging.

How to Grow Your Business in 60 Days Using Facebook

Many companies are now turning to social media to market their products and services. Some people overdo it in order to “be everywhere” but this is not necessarily a smart strategy. The 800lb gorilla of social media is of course Facebook which has come a long way from being a portal for college students or personal use to a professional meeting ground for top notch organizations and businesses. Many companies are now actively using Facebook to build their brand image and drive traffic to their website and blogs. They also use it to get feedback on new products and services, do reputation management, head-hunt for new employees, disseminate information, and evaluate prospects. Let us examine how to correctly set up a Facebook business account and also discuss several recommended applications that will boost the functionality of your company Facebook page within 60 days flat.

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