How to make your LinkedIn profile standout according to a LinkedIn employee

Professional Vs. Personal Social Media Accounts

When it comes to managing both a professional and personal social media presence, it is extremely important to try and be aware of how you are representing yourself. You don’t want to put off any potential clients by acting in a manner that might be misconstrued as unprofessional.

Should You Go Automatic With Your Social Media Management?

Many small businesses owners feel overwhelmed when starting in social media. A social media management tool can help to automate your posting and keep all of your accounts organized.

Do You Know How to Use Pinterest Secret Boards for Marketing?

Pinterest recently unveiled its new feature: secret boards. This is great for creating boards full of stuff you don’t want other people to see. So, how can this new feature be useful for businesses? By giving you a tool for gathering ideas and inspiration.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a visual social media network that has taken the world wide web by storm. It allows people to create virtual bulletin boards and fill them with things like images that interest them or products they are trying to sell or promote.

Three SEO Tips To Make Your Website Acceptable To Social Media Users

In the past, search engines were the most efficient way to identify a particular website focusing on a particular product or service. One just had to type in the right set of keywords and the best websites will be on the screen. This is why websites focused on search engine optimization.

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