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Are You Using Your FACEBOOK Page or Is It Just Sitting There Void?

In an era of growing Facebook and social media use from both regular folks and big businesses, trying to find a place for the your business online can be a challenge. Business owners must figure out how to make the most of all that Facebook has to offer.

Social Media Formula

Nowadays, it seems like everyone and their mother has advice for you concerning social media marketing. Some say you should be on every social media site there is, in order to really widen your sales funnel. Others say to just focus on one social media outlet to really capture and conquer that niche. And others preach about happiness at the valley in between. So which school of thought is right when it comes down to the numbers?

Social Media Acceleration With Facebook, Twitter and Vine

Twitter & Vine… for those in the know, what a GREAT combination! For those less familiar with Vine however, we are DEFINITELY NOT talking about a street intersection in downtown Manhattan, even though when I first heard of these two great social media platforms in combination I couldn’t help myself imagining the voice of a gnarled traffic cop shouting out to his dispatch team that he is hot in pursuit of the bad guys on the intersection of ‘ Twitter & Vine’!!

Using Hashtags On Facebook Business Pages

Hashtags on social network sites are now seen everyday in a number of posts. Social network sites such as twitter, and Google+ were among the first to use hashtags within a post. More recently Facebook have joined the hashtag trend.

Using Facebook for Business

Over the last few years, social media has become increasingly popular in the way of advertising for a large number of businesses. Their aim is to reach a wider audience in order for them to promote products, news and annual business reports.

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