How to post an article on LinkedIn – Tutorial Step By Step Articles

Social Media Marketing Basics

This article is about the basics of Social Media Marketing. Where should it be used, when should it be used, what is it capable and what is not…

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need LinkedIn?

Linkedln is a popular business social media platform that every budding business owner, entrepreneur, solopreneur or anyone else seeking to gain awareness of their business should consider joining. Through Linkedln, you can hire new employees, network with other companies and address issues related to your industry from the comfort of your couch. It is currently the only place where more than 65 million people (professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate organizations, etc.) engage in personal word of mouth marketing despite being in different parts of the world.

My Top 3 Twitter Tips

Twitter can be a tough network to understand when first starting out. Whether you are creating an account for your business or personal use I want to share my top three tips for success.

Using Social Media To Increase Your E-Commerce Income

Home based businesses are on an increase, but so is the need to effectively advertise. Odds are you currently don’t have a lot of money put aside to promote and you are searching for a something cost effective. Social media marketing can meet your needs to improve profits, communicate with your clients while keeping well earned income in your wallet.

7 Strange Factors That Influence Online Conversions

The online customer is a strange creature. They are swayed by factors on your website or in your articles that shouldn’t make a difference when they shop online. Some of these factors make a lot of sense, but others are just downright… strange.

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