How To Post Video On LinkedIn

EXPOSED: Facebook Manager Reveals The Raw Truth About Lack Of Exposure For Business Pages

Facebook has recently had to defend itself against claims that it is showing users fewer posts from business Pages in an attempt to generate more revenue from its new “Promoted Posts” program. But the REAL STORY here may just be the revelation that less than 16% of a business’s page posts are ever seen by its fans and followers! Small businesses that are relying on their Facebook Page and posts to market and grow their business may need to reconsider their strategy.

If One Thing Could Fix Your Social Media Campaign, This Is It

Most business owners and business leaders spend too much time, with too little return, on social media. Usually that’s because they are engaging in social media activities that might feel good but don’t bring results. Instead of spending more time on social media, it’s better to spend less time, but to focus on activities that position you as an expert in your industry.

Get More Bang In Your Social Media

Are you worried about how much time you’re spending on social media platforms – without getting anything in return? You’re probably engaging in a lot of shallow interactions, which do very little for building your presence and reputation. It’s far more powerful to engage in fewer, more substantial, interactions.

Factors Affecting The Success of A Social Media Campaign

Attaining success is the goal of many. Well, in the first place, who would not like to become successful? For sure, no one would like to fail in their endeavors and that would include social media marketers. These marketers are trying their best to become successful because if they will fail, it would most likely mean that they will lose a huge amount of money.

What Is the Common Strategies in Dieting and Social Media Marketing?

What is dieting? It is a restricted choice of food for those who intend to slim down. What is social media marketing? It is the only internet marketing for those who wants to target internet niche. Is there a similarity between these two? Of course yes! We will see how we apply dieting skill in social media marketing.

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