How to Promote your Event with the LinkedIn Events Feature for Pages // with Jo Saunders

Utilize Effective Marketing Using LinkedIn

Any populated social network is a great source of targeted traffic. Users are divided up by specific demographics and interests with minimal effort by businesses. Some of these networks make it easier than others. LinkedIn is a great example of a social network that is almost intentionally built with marketing in mind. This is a social network geared towards professional individuals and businesses, which means that the user profiles are characterized according to particular categories of interest.

Social Media Strategy Tips: Social Media Trends For 2013

For those of you who have been wondering about the future of social media marketing and to think about your social media strategy, a lot will be changing during 2013. Here are some forecasts from that have been carefully thought of by social media experts.

3 Key Social Media Trends For 2013

Global trends in social media are a challenge to predict. Every year brings several foreseeable changes and a few happenings take us by surprise. As 2013 moves along, a few key trends have emerged that require us to adapt our social media marketing programs. Being informed about these three significant trends can help you to set direction for yourself.

SEO Tips: Global Trends In Social Media For 2013

Predicting the future is very difficult anyways; however, predicting the future global trends in terms of social media is even more of a challenge. Each year has brought on surprises, like Pinterest and its explosive growth during the last year, so we should be ready for some surprises. Nevertheless, there are a few ongoing and emerging social media trends that can be predicted with a positive degree of assurance.

Social Media: 5 SlideShare Tips For Lead Generation

Visual content marketing is on the rise and marketing professionals now consider it vital to incorporate visual elements across promotional campaigns. SlideShare plays a significant role in successful content marketing strategies, as this social community is reported to have more than 60 million visitors in a month. SlideShare can provide immense benefits in lead generation for your business. Follow these tips for success at SlideShare.

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