How To QUICKLY Come Up With A GOOD YouTube Channel Name

Integrated Social Media – CRM – Analytics Model

Social Media has become a new channel of information exchange. This has become a modern channel for various companies to understand and serve their customers and manage their customer’s experience proactively. The need of the hour for the companies is to engage with the customers over social websites and build an integrated model…

Outsourcing Social Media Campaign Management Increases Success

Marketing Dynamics has changed considerably thanks to the rise of the Internet. While a lot of advertising leading up to the Internet age was built on the need to communicate a message to consumers, companies today are actually able to have a conversation with customers. This is possible because of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Five Tips Essential To Social Media Marketing

Anyone involved in running a business can benefit from social media marketing. The key to being a real success in that arena, though, is to have prominence and stand above other companies rushing to make a presence on social media networks. This article provides some great ways to ensure you are a winner!

Social Media Strategy to Grow Your Business

Using the right strategy with your social media will develop a personal connection between you and your customers. Continuously engaging your target audience will create a vibrant online community to grow your business. Start implementing these tips to start seeing results from your social media campaign.

Are Social Media Campaigns Best Handled by an Outsider?

  Social media is not going away. Long gone are the days when networks like Myspace and Friendster existed to keep in touch online. Now consumers are finding out news from Twitter, sharing their favorite products with friends on Pinterest, and following their favorite brands on Facebook.

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