How to Re-arrange Current Positions on Your LinkedIn Profile

Amplifying Your Facebook Content

Facebook has made a lot of changes to EdgeRank over the last few months. Many marketers say that those changes have led to lower-than-average reach with their posted content. This leaves a lot of businesses feeling like Facebook is taking away from the value of the audience they’ve created. In reality, those changes have improved News Feed quality and making a better system for the most engaging content to be visible.

Tips On Using Facebook To Promote A New Business

With approximately 845 million users worldwide, Facebook has gained immense popularity in the business world. The popularity of promoting businesses on Facebook is considered to be directly proportionate to its turnover. Is Facebook a marketing arena only for the big corporations or can it be beneficial for a new business too? Of course, Facebook can be advantageous for your new company if you do things right.

Choosing a Social Media Services Package

It can be difficult to justify the decision to spend money on social media services and expertise, due to the ease of use of the main sites. This attitude may be short-sighted, given the damage that can be done to brands by a publicity crisis. What services are available to help companies wishing to start or improve their social media presence?

Various Types of Businesses That Could Use Social Media Services

This article shows some stuff that a social media service can do for you to build your brand. This also discusses the various types of businesses that could make use of this type of brand or business promotion. Read more below to find out how you can effectively use this kind of promotion for your own business.

Content Moderation On The Main Social Media Sites

The big social media sites are very easy to access and use and provide a simple ‘shop-window’ for brands. Marketing via these sites allows customers to comment, engage with and show their loyalty for brands. However this ease of use has a downside – the problems that can arise without moderation of the posted content. This is particularly an issue when a brand has a publicity problem.

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