How to Remove Sent Connection Requests on LinkedIn

Social Media Is Much More Than Just Social and Media

Based on my observations of how most businesses are currently approaching the process of incorporating social media into their marketing plans, I can see that they do not truly understand all of the components of social media. They get that social means building relationships and that media is the form of communication that they are using to build these relationships. But this is not a deep enough understanding on which to base the marketing success of any product or service. There is so much more to be considered, because social media is dynamic, nuanced, and richly layered.

Pinterest – Not Another Social Media Fad – What’s It All About?

The idea behind Pinterest is unusual: Create a digital pin board for your ideas, stories, photos, and other assorted clips that you wish to pin up. It is one of those, old ideas are new ideas again, things.

How Facebook Fans Can Drive Traffic to Your Site

Facebook is becoming more and more popular over time. Facebook went viral a long time ago, with friends sharing ideas, content, photos and video, with each other.

The Unspoken Truth About Influential Liars

Remember that riddle where one person always tells the truth and another always lies, and you can only ask one question to determine which action to take? It’s harder to believe that one person always tells the truth than that one person always lies!

Taking Multi-Dimensional Marketing to Next Level

In my recent post, “Social Media is Much More Than Just Social and Media,” I introduced the concept of The Social Media Cube as a visual representation of what is needed to utilize social media effectively in a marketing strategy. Instead of just “being” on social media pages, I urged marketers to think more about the cultural and anthropological underpinnings so that their strategies better take into account the nexus of the social relationship, type of message, technological object that delivers the message, and timing. The concept of the cube garnered such a positive response that I…

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