How to Run Ads on Linkedin? Linkedin Advertising Tutorial

Social Media Marketing – Drive Traffic With Twitter? Absolutely, YES You Can! Really!

Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your money making site. Read on as we have a number of great tips and techniques for you.

Social Media and Customer Service

Social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, is an ideal medium for all companies relying on after sales and customer service. A brief exploration of why this is important in the modern, Internet-based, world.

How Social Media Can Benefit You

It is hard to imagine that in the digital age we live in now that there are some people out there who aren’t involved in social media. The truth is that when properly used social media can be a huge benefit to your company and can help bring in customers. Don’t let your lack of know how stop you from taking advantage of this valuable tool to promote your business online.

How Can Technology Help My Business to Expand Into Social Media?

More and more businesses are realising how much they can benefit from the marketing platforms that social media offers them, it is obviously very tempting to jump on the band wagon as soon as feasibly possible. The fantastic leap that technology has offered both small businesses and corporate companies to expand to the far corners of the world has meant a complete rethink on how businesses are run in today’s fast moving world.

How to Protect Your Brand’s Social Reputation?

A brand is not built in a single day but it takes just a few disgruntled customers to spoil all that hard work. This is all the more true for the volatile online market where customers have a million choices at their fingertips and brand loyalty can be very fickle. Aggressive competition and unethical promotional practices from rivals will force you to take your social media reputation management seriously and be alert about any efforts to besmirch your reputation.

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