How to Set Up Facebook Marketplace Shop in 2022 For Beginners

How Are Things Going IRW?

Well, the other day I was speaking with a local community volunteer about social networks and Facebook, namely about how so many folks spent so many hours playing around on these things. Personally, I don’t belong to Facebook and really don’t participate much on any social networking platforms. Why you ask? Well, because it isn’t real life, it isn’t the real world. My endeavors happen in the real world and although I guess I really do have substantial presence in the virtual one, I live in the other. Okay so, let’s talk.

5 Tips for Marketing Your Brand With Social Media

Social media is not for advertising your business – but it does provide a great way to market your company’s brand. Use these 5 tips to engage consumers and help them remember the name and focus of your small business.

One Detail You MUST Have Before Your Facebook Page Will Succeed

What does social media success look like to you? Is it engagement, PR, customer service, brand authority or maybe lead generation? This is a very personal thing for every business: no two social media strategies look the same.

3 Ways To Engage Your Twitter Followers – With Instant Results!

I discuss how to engage your twitter followers in 3 easy to follow steps. Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms and I think the easiest to gain free traffic from, as long as you get your tweets right. I go through many different methods that can all be implemented instantly!

How To Optimise The Images On Your Business’ Social Media Pages

Images are incredibly important on any social media profile, whether they are the ones you use for profile and cover images, or the ones you share. Last year, more than one third of links shared on Twitter and over half of the posts on the Facebook news feed were images. Here are some ways to optimise the images you display on the five major social media sites: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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