How To Set Up Linkedin Profile Step By Step (EASY & IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL)

5 Cool Ideas for a Facebook Competition

All people go gaga with Facebook. This is why you have an edge over your competitors. However, you need to innovate ways to have a greater advantage. If you have undergone social media training, you should know what to do. Have it in mind that Facebook runs rules. So be careful not to get banned.

Is Facebook Graph Search A Way To Build Your Marketing Reach?

Facebook has launched their new Graph Search feature. Is it a useful tool for marketers seeking to increase their reach in the marketplace? Consider what it will and will not do, and you be the judge.

Do You Know What to Ask Before You Hire a Social Media Consultant?

Many entrepreneurs don’t have the time needed to really invest in a social media marketing strategy. It takes a lot of time and patience to make it a success for your business. That is why so many seek the help of a social media consultant.

Social Networking Sites Explained

Social networking sites should be used by any type of business. Quite simply put, if you are not part of some of the major social networks, then your business is going to be left behind. Social networks let members interact with your brand, and they allow them to share information about your business with friends.

Social Meida Marketing – 3 Avoidable Mistakes Business Owners Make When Starting With Social Media

There is so much hype around social media these days you really can’t seem to go anywhere and not be bombarded by signs that say “Like Us On Facebook” or “Follow us On Twitter”. Do you know the signs I mean? There are still people who believe it’s a passing fad and will soon disappear. However when you take a look at the mainstream companies who are using social media and getting great results you’ll realize it “ain’t going away soon”.

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