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5 Tips for Creating a LinkedIn Profile Which Truly Represents You

In the past, it was easy to find people on LinkedIn by searching for a job or biz title. Now, with it’s changes, it’s essential to utilize a good mix of content and keywords. To craft an interesting Profile Summary which is search engine optimized to help potential employers, or clients, find you.

5 Reasons Why Not Using Social Media Management in Your Business Is Insane!

A study by Manta showed that 42% of small businesses said that 25% of their new customers came from social media sites so isn’t now the time to start thinking about social media management. For some reason there are many businesses which are still reticent to enter into the social media forum in anyway. This article will give you 5 reasons why you’d be mad not to invest in social media management for your business.

New Google+ Communities Are Here

One of the most valuable features for marketers on Facebook and LinkedIn has been “Groups.” They are forums where people with like-interests can discuss certain topics. For marketers, this is an excellent way to reach out to other users and build a brand’s authority.

Social Media Tips for Beginners

Using social media to market a business is not easy most especially if you haven’t used it for any reason. It would take some time for you to know the ins and outs and you have to take things seriously. You have to read books and if needed, ask for help.

Social Media Advertising Help That You Can’t Live Without

A lot of people are understanding that social media marketing gives them an extremely fulfilling type of advertising that is getting more popular everyday. Using social connections is really easy and it will make a distinction for your company. Review the following details to find out more.

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